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Home Care Facts

What is Home Care?

A broad range of health care and support services provided in people's homes.
Home Care can provide any or all of the following services:

Note that not every agency provides all of the above services. Ask about the services you particularly would like for yourself or your loved one when you contact the licensed Home Care agency of your choice.  (see below)

A special note about HOSPICE CARE:



Why is home care so important?

New Jersey Home Care Guide

WHERE and WHEN is Home Care Available ?

WHO Can Receive Home Care?

WHO Pays for Home Care?

* Note that each payor has rules which determine what type of care is covered and
which patients will qualify for care at home

HOW Do You Obtain Home Care?

A Consumer's Guide To Home Care

How Do I Choose A Home Care Provider?

First, remember that your best protection is care from a licensed, high quality AGENCY... not an independent provider.

Be Sure to Choose a Licensed, High Quality Home Care Agency

Agencies in New Jersey may be licensed as:

Other Quality Controls to ask agencies about include:

Other Questions Your May Want to Ask

Try to Be Well-informed BEFORE your need for Home Care is urgent.
Consumer Information is available free from:

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