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We are pleased to announce that our task force has completed its work on developing tools for your agency to use to communicate/educate your staff, referral sources and patients about the new home health face to face encounter requirement.  All tools have been vetted with the audiences they are targeting and we have been sure to include the latest information available to us.  We suggest that you use the documents as follows: 

For Patients

For Discharge Planners/Social Workers

For Physicians


You may also wish to share the attached CMS/Cahaba Guide if additional information is requested.  The guide can be accessed at

All letters are in Word format.  Our logo is used only as a place holder – we expect that you will use your own logo and provide all of the correct information in the highlighted areas.

If you choose to change the content of these forms we suggest that you consult with your legal counsel.           

The Home Care Association of NJ along with other State and National Associations is continuing to advocate for implementation delays and changes in the process. We are aware that there are many unresolved issues. However, as the rule was published in its final form, our only option at this time is to comply with the new Medicare requirement so patients can access the home care services they need.

We will continue to share updates and clarifications with you as they become available. Please continue to contact the New Jersey Congressional delegation to express your concerns about the Face To Face Encounter requirements.


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