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In this interactive session, representatives from New Jersey DMAHS and HHAeXchange, the State’s Aggregator, will answer specific provider questions regarding the July 1st claims deadline. In addition, a demonstration of how providers can submit claims using their selected EVV tool will be presented.

You are invited to a Zoom meeting. 
When: Apr 29, 2021 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) 

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The Home Care & Hospice Association of NJ serves multiple functions. In addition to lobbying on behalf of members, we also produce educational programs. Our webinars, workshops and conferences ensure members and their staff are up to date on the latest industry clinical guidelines, business administration practices and other timely topics. View upcoming events or register for a program. Additionally, our directory of industry partners features businesses that specialize in working with home care and hospice agencies and providers. In short, joining the Association provides valuable information that every home health and/or hospice service needs to run a thriving, compliant business. 
Make sure your home health or hospice service is always up to date on everything going on in the industry and has everything in place so it can succeed— join the Home Care & Hospice Association of NJ today. For more information, call (732) 877-1100 or contact us . 

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CPR Training Course June 2021 Jun 9 @ 9am - 1pm
CPR Training Course July 2021 Jul 14 @ 9am - 1pm
CPR Training Course August 2021 Aug 11 @ 9am - 1pm



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The Home Care & Hospice Association of NJ is comprised of licensed home health agencies, health care service firms and hospices. We spearhead educational and advocacy programs that equip health care providers to deliver quality care, optimize business practices and comply with industry standards. 
The association supports its members in delivering comprehensive care that adheres to regulatory and quality standards while helping providers manage sound businesses. We communicate, educate and advocate for our members, as well as their patients and families.

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